Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Update - 21 January 2010

Hey everybody! Here's the latest on Miss Elsa Lynne McDade.

It seems that our little girl just loves to laugh and have a good time. These days she's VERY into laughing, and to her parents it's the cutest and sweetest sound in the world. Some of the things that get her most excited are swinging, jumping up and down, and being chased around the room by Mommy.

She's discovering her feet. Occasionally tries to put them in her mouth. Mostly just grabs 'em. Loves to stick them straight up in the air when she's laying on her back. Also, they are ticklish.

She's paying a lot more attention to Lucho (the cat) these days. That is to say, she's actually acknowledging his existence.

Still favoring Mommy, but also having plenty of sweet times with Daddy. She's also recognizing other people she sees regularly, such as Elsa (the Elder), who has been watching her several hours a week. She gets a big 'ol smile on her face when she sees people she knows. And this is a great sign that Elsa H. is doing a great job as babysitter.

All signs point to the beginning of the teething process. Erin would appreciate some extra prayers for the painful days to come!

Still not starting her on the solid food, even though the books say that most babies have done so by now. She's healthy, growing, and satisfied with the breast milk, so we're rolling with that as long as possible. It's so healthy for her!

New and diverse sounds are coming from her mouth these days. Talking Elsa talk - can't wait until they are words we can understand! But enjoying the jibberish stage, which will end all too soon I'm sure.

CANNOT BELIEVE that nearly five months have passed since Elsa's birth!!!! Wow. It sure has flown by.

Looking forward to the second visit by Grandpa Kim and Grandma Lynne in just one week! They were here for the first two weeks of Elsa's life, so she has certainly grown and changed a great deal since they last held her.

Here are a few recent photos!

Looking like the Gorton's Fisherman's kid in a yellow knit outfit given by Yuyo's grandma (made by her friend).

This pink thing was huge for us during the several very cold weeks we had here recently.




Hanging with Tamara the trilingual dragon.

Sporting another Grandma (Buckner) hat.

Laughing it up.

Flipper Slippers.


Feet in the air.

Thanks as always for the love and prayers.

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