Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rainy Days and Waterfalls

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine and her family went down to Nashville, Tennessee on vacation.  The trip itinerary, carefully planned and eagerly anticipated, basically consisted of two main parts; first some time in the city of Nashville, followed by some time in the surrounding mountains doing some hiking and, in particular, visits to some waterfalls.  

During the first half of the trip, it rained and rained.  Due to the yucky weather, many of my friends' city plans had to be adjusted or altogether abandoned.  They enjoyed some nice, unplanned, restful family time, but they also couldn't help feeling pretty bummed out about many of their plans getting rained out.  

But then, in the second half of the trip, the weather cleared up, and something really great happened.  Due to all of the rain, the waterfalls that they visited were all at their fullest and strongest, bursting forth with unusual power and beauty.  As she admired those waterfalls, my friend’s first thought was to thank God for the rain that had caused the them to be so magnificent just then, when her family was there to enjoy them. 

That’ll preach!  Sometimes it rains.  Sometimes a lot.  But it's good to be reminded that even in the rainy times - whether times of storm and chaos, or times of persistent, dreary drizzle -  God is at work, planning and preparing to show His glory and love to us in surprising, powerful, and beautiful ways.  

Let's be patient in the rainy times.  Let's help each other hold on to hope and wait with expectancy for the blessings to come.  Let's live in the now and find the joy and blessings even in the rainy times.  Let's give thanks for and to a God who is working in all things for the benefit of those who love Him.  Let's appreciate the rain because it’s the same water that will in a few days be flowing over the waterfall.