Friday, October 23, 2009

Elsa Lynne at Eight Weeks

Today (Friday, Oct. 23rd) was eight weeks since Elsa was born! The time has really flown by. My Mom was here for two weeks, which seemed like much less. It was awesome to watch her and Elsa together. Natural connection. Grandma certainly has the skills – put the little one right to sleep just about every time she held her. I know Elsa will miss those naps with Grandma as much as we will miss having Grandma around to help out and love on our little gal.

Today we had another checkup / vaccination appointment with the doctor. Current weight = 5.61 kilos (a.k.a. 11 pounds, 3.5 ounces). Current height = 61 cm (a.k.a. almost exactly two feet). Elsa took her first shot like a champ. Tough to watch that little needle go into her leg, but it was smoothly done by the nurse. Still no earrings – we just keep forgetting / putting off going to buy them. Plus – and I have not talked to Erin about this yet; perhaps I should before posting my thoughts on the Internet… – I feel like I’m changing my mind on this. We’ve said from the beginning that we want to do the ear-piercing thing like they do down here in order to be culturally relevant. (If you didn’t know, in Mexico most people pierce their baby girls’ ears right away. It’s one way that everyone knows it’s a girl, it minimizes the pain, and it’s actually very cute.) We thought it would be fun. But the more time that passes, the less I want to do it. She is just so pure and beautiful right now, and I know she’d be cute with some tiny little earrings, but she doesn’t need them! It’s almost like we’d be perpetrating a step away from the precious innocence and natural beauty that she has right now. It just kind of feels wrong to me. I don’t know – I’m probably over-thinking the whole thing. Not a big deal either way, I guess.

Latest developments: Well, for one thing, this little girl loves to be in motion! Whether rocking, walking, bouncing, riding in the stroller or in the car, or swinging in the swing our old neighbors generously gave us, Elsa is happiest when moving. When we ride in the car, for instance, she is quiet and content while we’re rolling, but when we stop at a red light, without fail she begins crying within three seconds. Then, as soon as we’re moving again, all is quiet. It’s hilarious, but not at all surprising. I mean, for one, she has some pretty active parents. And two, while in utero she did bounce all over parts of the USA, Mexico, Scotland, and England. She was born to be a mover, I guess. Cool with me – chasing her around will probably help me stay in shape.

Another new thing is that Elsa has been smiling a lot – real smiles, not just “I just passed gas” involuntary smiles. She recognizes our voices and faces now. Possibly the sweetest feeling in the world is when Elsa first sees and hears me in the morning and busts into a huge grin. In that moment, my heart melts and I am just total Daddy mush in the palm of her little hand. We can’t wait until she starts laughing, which supposedly will come soon. A variety of different sounds are coming out of her mouth, but of course no words yet. I’ve started to wonder what her first word will be. Also, in general, Elsa seems to be a morning person. She’s happiest and calmest early in the day. We usually have some great family time in the morning before I head off to the Casa Verde.

Thanks to everyone who is praying for us and for little Elsa. We’re having fun, resting when we can, and just treasuring this special time. Can’t wait for you all to meet her. Okay – on to the latest batch of photos!

sporting the bonnet for a walk to the pharmacy with dad on a sunny day

ready to walk

making faces: pensive?




the white T onesie - a classic look

"you don't say? tell me more!"

erin is loving this game where she puts different things near elsa's nose and watches her reactions. she was indifferent to the JIF - are we sure this is my child???

blurry, but a nice shot of a medium-intensity smile

apparently our window blinds are AMAZING.

"excuse me?!?!"

snuggling with mommy

a rare shot of elsa awake while being held by grandma

the McTrio

drying off after bath time

a cool shot erin took of the swing in action

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