Thursday, October 15, 2009

ELM Update - 14 October 2009

Not a lot of new stuff to report. I mean, in a way, everything is new. Things are going great. Eating, sleeping, growing. Working on her voice. We've decided that she's a rather serious, yet happy baby. Kind of laid back and intense at the same time, like her Daddy. A lot of people are telling us lately how much she looks like her Daddy. Ay, pobrecita! Just remember, little one, that the Lord has promised never to burden us with more than we are capable of bearing.

Mommy is doing great. Daddy is figuring out the new rhythms of work and home life. Grandma (my mom) is here for a couple of weeks enjoying her first grandchild. She’s got the magic touch – puts Elsa right to sleep every time. Elsa is doing a lot of wiggling and some smiling these days – as in actual smiles, not just gas-passing smiles. My heart melts when she recognizes my face and voice when I first see her in the morning and busts out in a big ol’ grin. It’s awesome.

We also recently learned that August 28th is Grandparents’ Day in Mexico – pretty cool since Elsa Lynne is named after her two grandmas. We got lucky on that one.

So without further ado, here are some more photos of the little one.

A nice yawn shot, plus she's sporting one of the cool hippie dresses Kami gave her.

A nice profile shot. She LOVES staring at the windows. On facebook a caption contest has been declared for this one. First entry from my friend Ned: "The Grail!!!"

Snuggly pose.

Showing off the neck strength!

The princess and the pea.

Meeting Grandma and Grandpa Doug for the first time.

Hanging out with daddy.

First trip to the Puebla zocalo.

Riding in style.

First time eating from the bottle.

First bottle feeding.

Second bottle feeding.

Hanging with Grandma.

At one of our favorite restaurants - "La Selva". Good times.

Patooty shot. Getting ready for her first real bath...

...which she LOVED. Maybe even more than we apparently love the color green.

Crying because we were taking her out. Warm water, cold air - you know how it goes.


With her "tocaya" (Elsa) and another good buddy, Male at the party thrown for all of the girls in the ministry to meet and greet the newest member of the El Pozo community.

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