Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elsa Lynne Update - 14 November 2009

Pretty much just posting new photos here, but I'll also mention that Elsa is doing great, growing like a weed. She got another vaccination the other day - last one for six weeks or so - and cried hard, but for less than a minute. Just rubbed some dirt on it (Not literally - it's a figure of speech. Calm down, Mom...) and went on about her day. Also, she now weighs 6.4 kilos (14 pounds), a.k.a. nearly double her birth weight. The books say babies double in weight at around six months on average... Uuuuuuuh, we just hit 11 weeks. She's also now officially over two feet tall (63 cm), which is a big milestone in everyone's life, I guess. Well everyone except my friends Laurita and Giggio and my Aunt Mary Louise! Badum-ching! HAHA! Short joke. Just kidding, ladies! Much love to ya.

In all seriousness, thanks to everyone out there who is praying for Elsa and for all of the nice compliments. Can't wait for you all to meet her. Come visit us!

"Bath time? Yes, please!!!"

Rocking the hat and scarf that grandma knitted for her...

The scarf and hat have come in handy with the chilly weather we've been having around here.

Family fun in the front yard.

Exercising with Mommy.

A Sunday afternoon scene at the McDade house. Good times!

Flying around the living room.

"Superelsita" with Liz, who gave her the cape.

Checking out her socks, maybe? Hanging out on Daddy's belly.

Trying to show you guys the little hairs that stand straight up from Elsa's cowlick. So cute!

Another blurry attempt.

Flying around upstairs. And yes I know my hair is awesome in this photo.

Swinging (and grabbing the chain all by herself!) with Amanda and Mommy.

Elsa Lynne at 11 weeks and one day.

Blurry but shows her "Oh Mommy you are so hilarious!" face. Her smile just melts us every time.

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