Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby Stuff – 9/13/09

This morning we said “nos vemos” to the Edwardses. It was tough for them to leave the little one. I read the other day that 50% of American grandparents live over 200 miles away from their grandchildren. It’s just a part of life, I guess. But I imagine that Kim and Lynne would tell us that that statistic doesn’t make it any easier to get on that bus. So after dropping them off, I just prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for the time that they were able to spend here – the first two weeks of Elsa’s life! And I prayed for God to comfort them and help them to focus on the blessings and not on the distance. THANK YOU, Kim and Lynne, for the time you spent here. Every dish washed, meal cooked, and hug given communicated your love to us. It’s the foundation of love and faith that you guys have laid upon which Elsa will be brought up. I have no doubt that she will always be surrounded by love. We love y’all and we’ll see you again soon!

Elsa has been doing great. She’s eating like crazy, sleeping well, and generally just doing what babies are supposed to do. That includes putting on weight, or, as my Grandma Addie always called it, “fleshening up” – as opposed to “falling off”, which Erin is doing. And I’m somewhere in between, basically maintaining my pre-baby physical condition in spite of virtually no exercise in the past two weeks. I can’t wait to get started on the Craig Topple Father Daughter Workout. Anyway, I digress. I know you came here for the photos. Enjoy!

Oh and – I have to say this on the day of the first game of the season – Go Falcons!!! If we can time the feedings right, Elsa's going to "watch" the second half of the game with my buddy Yuyo and me.

A good eyes-open shot.

If you are wondering what that thing is on sleeping Erin's face, it's a stuffed animal. A Scottish highland cow, to be specific. Years ago I shared with Erin my patented T-shirt on the face technique for sleeping in spite of bright light (a skill I learned and honed out of necessity during many backpacking trips, ministry retreats, sleepovers, etc.). Erin took this and ran with it. She does it often, usually not simply placing the T-shirt on top of her head, but wrapping it around multiple times. It's hilarious. And I laughed when I saw her using the highland cow during this nap time. But the funniest part was when I showed her the photos later and she had no idea that she'd done it! My wife is hilarious. And exhausted. And my hero.

Elsa loves nap time with Grandpa Kim...

...and story time with Grandma Lynne.

Which one is more beautiful? It's like that chicken/egg thing. We may never know.

This one really shows how Elsa is fleshening up, especially around the jowls and lips.

One of the greatest feelings in the world. Hard to describe.

Our friend Anna gave Elsa this cute little bonnet. When untied, it makes her look very Amish. So cute. But when tied, she totally looks like an astronaut. Also cute. It was a little chilly outside when we left for dinner, so we went with bonnet, socks, and long sleeves. In general, Mexicans bundle up their babies as if they were in the Arctic Circle. We have already started to deal with the constant, well-intentioned "Don't you think she's cold?" comments that Amanda gets about her kids all the time. Usually, it's not even worth it to explain to people that the weather here is BEAUTIFUL and they don't really know what "cold" is and the kids will be fine, thanks.

Houston, we are "go" for launch!!!

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