Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Update - August 31st

So we've been home from the hospital now for nearly 24 hours, and things are going fine. It's great to have the abuelos here to help. Our friends and teammates have all been awesome, too, making sure that El Pozo doesn't missing a beat, driving people all over the place, and even cooking us a huge southern feast, which was and continues to be a crowd pleaser. Little Elsa is eating and eating and eating and eating. Each time she finishes, she'll sleep a little, then cry a little, then eat some more. So far, we are undecided on whose nose she has. She seems to have my expressive lips and Erin's head shape and eyes. Somehow she got her hair pattern from George Costanza. She's got a good bit around the sides and back, but not much up top. She has big hands and feet with long, slender digits. Not sure where that's coming from - maybe my grandfather (Pappy). Pretty much everything she does is cute at this point, but here are my top five favorite things to see/hear her do so far:
5. blow bubbles with her slobber
4. stare at me in silence
3. pass gas (and crack a smile)
2. snort while she's crying (she does this a lot.)
1. sneeze
Okay, here are some more photos as promised. I'm not even posting any of her being held by the thirty-or forty-some friends who came to visit at the hospital - how could i choose? But Erin's making a folder on her facebook for those pics.

Fresh from the oven.

Proud papa.

Meeting the abuelos for the first time. Two down, four to go!

Yeah, this is how everybody looks just after 30 hours of labor plus a c-section. Nothing to it.

Blowing some bubbles.

Elsita with her mom's baby pic.

Carter and Emerson meet Elsa for the first time. These two will show her the ropes in the coming years. They also each made a sweet card for Elsa, complete with drawings.

The happy family. Just missing Lucho (the cat).

Thanks for reading and caring and praying. Talk to you all soon, I hope.


  1. Wow!! Congratulations!!! You all look great!!
    Love and Best wishes from The Masons (and Higginbothams)!

  2. She is such a beautiful newborn :) Love y'all!