Monday, June 15, 2009


We all know that Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of a servant. He revolutionized leadership forever by making the symbol of greatness not a crown but a towel. And of course his ultimate act of service was done on the cross. Jesus shows us how to SERVE. He is the greatest servant the world has ever seen.

But I also believe that Jesus was the most observant person in the history of the world. He not only teaches us how to serve, but also to OBSERVE. Read through the gospels and look for the phrase “Jesus saw…” It’s amazing what he noticed amidst surrounding chaos, how he connected with so many different people, how he cut to the heart of the matter with individuals.

One of the simple phrases that helps me in my Christian walk is this: “See a need, meet a need.”

Step One: Just keep your head on a swivel, working to see the world as God sees it. Discipline yourself to put on your “Jesus goggles” every morning and wear them all day. Don’t hide from the world’s ugliness – experience it and let it break your heart. See the needs.

Step Two: Those needs that you see around you? Do something about them. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” As Nike says, “Just Do It” (not “Just Recognize It” or “Just Have An Opinion About It”). And remember that the number one need at the root of all of the other needs is our own alienation from God. Meet the needs.

A lot of this walking with Jesus stuff really is “simple but not easy”. And so a phrase like “See a need, meet a need” really can center us and help us to remember what it’s all about. So, henceforth I will think of these words – (OB)SERVE and (OB)SERVANT – as an even more concise and visually pleasing way to remember to both see and meet the needs around me.

I invite you to do the same.

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