Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Update - First USA Trip - 24 Marzo 2010

Just got back from a great week of vacation in the USofA. We basically just chilled out with family and had a big cookout at which we saw several of our best friends. Also Becky Fernandez Bagwell was there. HAHA just kidding, Becky. Like you are reading this anyway.

Elsa was a total champ on both plane rides. We are totally being spoiled. She's dang near the perfect kid as we near the seven-month mark.

It was a huge joy and blessing to watch Elsa be loved on by so many of her friends and family last week.

Tons of photos, so I will just let them (well, and the captions) do most of the talking this time.

About to get on her first airplane!

The guy in the purple is NFL #1 draft pick and former UGA Bulldog Matthew Stafford.

Ran into cousin/supporter George Dillard. Good thing he didn't see Stafford or he might have earned himself a restraining order. George, God bless him, is one of those thousands (millions?) of obnoxious Bulldog fans plaguing our society. Thankfully he contributes in other ways.

First time through the dwarf door!

Post-flight nap on Granddaddy / Jabbo. (Waiting to see which of those two names she prefers to call him.)

First chicken encounter.

Bath time with spatula.

Well Carhartty to ya.

Bonding with Tucker.

More chicken watching.

Chickens are incredible.

Chickens are fascinating.

Lazy Saturday with Uncle Britt, or, as I call him, "Uncle Doofus".

Watching the Jackets in the ACC Tourney.

Britt with his baby boy.

Bonding with Tucker.

This is what Elsa looks like reflected on a pot of grits.

Tia Maria.

Chow time.

Chow time.

Tucker kept snuggling closer...

...and closer.


Meeting the two great-grandmothers, appropriately at Bethany UMC.

With the two great-grandmothers and great-great-aunt Ruby.

Goofing off with Uncle Bert.

Yep, Uncle Bert is pretty funny!

Four generations.

A couple of other fun little ones - Evie and Holly Ann.

Muchos McDades.

Four generations. Visiting Grandma Grace.

This hat is my favorite.

Sweet tea? Yes, please! With cousin Christian.

I had a little impromptu photo shoot with my girls...

In yo face.

Funny face.

Lots of reaching going on these days.

Hey Daddy.

Meeting Dan, Betsy, and Mary Beth.


So much cuteness.

Chow time with Grandma.

One happy great-grandma.

Oakley clan.

Four generations.

Bath time oh yeah!

Deluxe wash.

Ceilings are fascinating things.

Junk in the trunk. She gets it honest.

This is basically a snapshot of how we spent two days. And it was great.

Snuggling with Pappy.

Solid food means nasty poop. Erin don't play with it!

Checking out the neighbors' horses.

Walking with Grandma.

Goofing off with Uncle Kevin.

Country girl.

Sweet time with Pappy.

Sweet time with Grandma Claudine.

This is the look of concentration that is so frequently on Elsa's face. She always seems to be studying something.

Grabbing Grandma's face while balancing a toy on her head.

Chow time yet again.

The three of us at Fires Creek wilderness area.

Three generations.

Playing in the creek.

Looking forward to many outdoor adventures to come.

The fam.

With Grandma Deb and Grandpa Doug.

Beautiful day to be out on the deck.

Playing with Grandma.

Styling Grandma's hair.

With Laura, Mikey, Beth, the Nelson to be named later, and Susanna.

Tacos, March Madness, great friends, babies everywhere. Good day.

Cody's first time ever holding a baby! He did great.

With future husband Gabriel, his mom Leslie, and Cherly.

Bonding over a GT rattle.

Cherly is amazing with the little ones.

Going for a walk with Mommy.

Helping Jesse with his breakfast.

Good times.

Good times.

Blog Bonus Photo (a photo that does not appear on Facebook, special for the blog readers):

Check out this classic face by Uncle Bert. This is actually a good look for him, haha!

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