Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby Update - 14 Feb. 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody. Time for another baby update. As I type this Elsa is sitting next to me in her mommy's lap, left thumb in her mouth, smiling and jabbering away as she stares unblinkingly at me and grabs my attention with those big blue eyes. In fact, I just snapped this photo...

I have two Valentines this year, and I couldn't be more in love with the both of them.

Things are going well. The weather is finally warming up here in Puebla and the Spring semester at El Pozo is in full swing. We are very busy and a little tired but also happy and challenged and thankful to be a part of all of the great things God is doing down here in so many young lives.

Just finished up a great visit with the grandparents (Edwardses). Those two weeks flew by and it was so fun to watch them goofing off with and loving on their granddaughter.

Still no real words yet, but a couple of weeks ago she did say "mama" very clearly, and then a few days later she looked me straight in the eye and said "dada" - then ten seconds later she said it again! We're pretty sure she doesn't know what she's saying, but she sure does talk a lot, and we feel like real words are just around the corner.

Elsa's fuzzy hair is growing in steadily, but she still looks bald from ten feet away or more. Chewing on her toes is a new favorite hobby. At her last doctor's visit, three weeks ago, she weighed 7.2 kilos and measured 69 centimeters. Overall, she's healthy and happy and growing fast, and we're just trying to enjoy every moment.

Here are the latest photos.

Possibly my favorite photo so far. Love those eyes!

Tasty toes.

Tasty left thumb.

Tasty toes.

Fun with Anna and Mommy.

Swinging with Anna.

Fun with Anna.

Fun with Anna and Mommy.

Hanging out with Carlos.

By chance the three of us ended up wearing purple one day. Then Bego stopped by and she was wearing purple, too! Had to take a photo.

Baby mullet hanging in there. This is the swept left look.

Amazing quilt that Anna is making for Elsa.

Hanging with the grandparents in Mexico City.

After lunch at our favorite little French restaurant in Mexico City.

Blue for boys, pink for girls.

Snack time with Mommy at the Museo de Antropologia.

Snoozin' at the amazing breakfast buffet at the San Angel art market.

Good times outside of the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Daddy is hilarious!

Slow rollin' in a Mexico City taxi - before...

Slow rollin' in a Mexico City taxi - shot...

First shoulder ride!


The first of many minutes logged on Daddy's shoulders.

Grandma and the new jumper.

Only one foot could reach the ground, but that only lasted a few days! Now she's all-out jumping.

Mirror fun.

Mirror fun.

Mirror fun.

Brunch at Flavor, oh yeah.

With Grandpa and a cool old car.

Tummy time with Grandma.

YouTube videos with the grandparents.

YouTube videos with the grandparents.

Good times with the Edwardses.

Only the best for our little girl.

Also, last but not least, here are the first two photos of "the Bo Bo Babies" - my brother Britt and his wife Candace's two little buns in the oven:

January 14th.

January 29th.

Please keep all of these little ones in your prayers. And their parents, too. Thanks!

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